The committee’s mission is to promote relations with the "city of the wind", nickname given to the city of Corpus Christi, located on the southern coast of Texas. Maurice Cottenceau, who had agreed to succeed Robert Isaac in 2013, resigned his position.

It was during his presidency that the reception of a Texan delegation, in 2017, materialized and the association multiplied its actions in the city of Agen. He decided to entrust the presidency to his secretary, Philippe Galan.

Since the implementation of the twinning thanks to Jeanne ISAAC and her husband Robert ISAAC (honorary president of the Agen Corpus Christi twinning committee), nearly a hundred young officers have been able to correspond, then welcome and visit their Texan correspondents. Until 2013, exchanges were limited to 2 correspondents due to the choice of the municipality of Corpus Christi to send only 2 correspondents but the Agenais committee is working for 2014 to extend exchanges both in the school field and also in the field associative or professional.

To apply for the language exchange, you must be a 1st class student and show a letter of motivation to the Agen Corpus Christi Twinning Committee and commit yourself in case of selection, to report, when they return, on the stay made in Texas. The presentation to the General Meeting of the Association will be in the form of a slide show or video that will address the themes chosen by the members of the Committee.

The quality of the exchange is based on reciprocity, high school students and their families must be available to accommodate for three weeks (end of June mid-July) their Texan counterparts then our agents will in turn be received in Texan families.