Robert Isaac is the architect of the Agen-Corpus Christi Twinning Committee, a port city in Texas with about 300,000 souls. At first glance, one might think that chance is at the origin of the seal of friendship between the capital and the country of cowboys. But it's not counting on this old man with very wide culture. A living encyclopedia, the elected official goes back to 711, when we invade the current Spain. From the recapture of Toledo by Christians in the eleventh century of 1992 in Seville, 500 years after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, through the sale of Texas by Louis XV to Americans, there is a step. To find out more about the historical details of the "Golden Triangle", Agen-Toledo-Corpus Christi, is still to let the former elected municipal.

The fact remains that the Texans participated in the landing of August 1944 in Saint-Raphaël, that since the Universal Exhibition, the latter are closer to the Agen, that today a white flag with lily overhangs each ceremony official in Texas and that the name of this state comes from "tejas", which means ally or friend in Hispanic Indian dialect.

Pairing with crepes ...

It was in 1994 that Paul Chollet, the former mayor of Agen, his partner and the Isaac couple founded the Circle of Friendships between the city and Corpus Christi. This toponym does not originate from a faith more pregnant than elsewhere but simply because the Spanish captain who planted his flag on these lands, did it on the day of Corpus Christi, that is to say sixty days after Easter.

The Chollets and Isaac go once and only to this coastal city, fourth port of the United States. A year later, the one who took positions of responsibility at Urssaf, at the primary health insurance fund (CPAM) and then at the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), sends young people on internship to high-tech companies . For example, a certain Yann Huerre exported the pancake recipe or an American would have joined Washington's diplomat school by disserting on Brax's stuffed tomato.

The Agen-Corpus Christi Twinning Committee was born.

Today, Robert Isaac passed the baton of the presidency to Maurice Cottenceau and the exchange, minimum three weeks, continues.